An Interview With Bri Steves: A Hip-Hop Visionary

Philly born-and-raised multi-instrumentalist, producer, and artist Bri Steves does it all. She’s a rap/R&B artist who is helping shape the future of those genres.

Steves is all about hard work and self-sufficiency. She said that as a multi-talented artist, “you can’t lose,” so she put a great amount of hard work and effort into learning skills that can help her in her career. From teaching herself to play the piano to learning how to engineer and produce her own music, she works to be the best artist she can possibly be.

As a student at Temple University in Philadelphia, Steves got her start recording in her dorm room and discovering and experimenting with her sound. She said she would spend her days, headphones over her ears, listening to music – whether it be walking around campus or sitting in class. At the end of the day, Steves would go home and tweak her sound, making music and working towards her goals.

Steves’ music speaks for women. She wants them to feel strong and empowered, and highlights that she wants her music to prove that women can have their own voice and be strong. She shares that one of her biggest inspirations is Missy Elliot, an artist who is talented in more ways than one and a genuine, strong, powerful woman. She also looks up to artists such as Kanye West and Pharrell, and respects their many talents.

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