Anna Clendening - “Invisible” | Live From the Rooftop

Anna Clendening's poetic, passionate, and purposeful approach to pop arrives as a welcomed breath of fresh air. Her stirring collection of songs unfurl like whisking through the pages of a diary entry, but there is nothing to hide here. Clendening, who has openly struggled with severe anxiety, transforms the swirling thoughts in her head and myriad of emotions in her heart to wholly relatable and infectious pop gems. Nowhere is this sentiment more realized than on her impressive debut EP, waves.

From chronicling her struggles with Anxiety in the aptly titled "Anxiety" to dealing with infidelity in "Dead End," waves introduces us to Clendening at her most raw and relatable. And it because of all this and more that we were honored to invite Clendening to our rooftop to perform a moving rendition of "Invisible." With the iconic view of historic Hollywood serving as the backdrop for Clendening's empathic musings on a love out of reach, this is "Invisible" quite like we have ever heard it or seen it before.

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