Anna Sofia Blissfully Navigates Stagnant Heartache on Bedroom-Pop “I Try” [PREMIERE]

Since Anna Sofia's charming debut, "Meaner Girl," the Ontario artist immediately portrayed a ripened version of youthful, emotional growing pains we all endure  - and at only 15 years old. In the same vein of relatability, Sofia follows-up her debut with the creamy, bedroom-pop woe, "I Try," and rapidly affirms herself as a new talent to watch - especially in the infancy of her music career. 

Leisurely led by the confidence that one develops within time, and a buoyant synth to boot, the track's romantic appeal softens the lyrical frustration of trying to move on. Sofia manages to glide across the translucent-funk production and is heard tangled in a halting and contemplative mindset. Cultivated by heartache, but penned with sensibility, the track's stagnant scenery becomes a raw and well-received appeal constructed by Sofia.

Yet, despite the thematic contents of being stuck in a relationship, Sofia's delivery on "I Try" is where the magic emerges. Straying away from the typical lo-fi croon that is paired with the ambience of bedroom-pop, Sofia is armed with a self-assured persuasiveness that sits neatly at the feet of experience. The indie artist's thick cadence is intoxicating upon the first few lines and slowly melts throughout the misty hook. Sofia's honey vocals pair beautifully with her slow-burning approach and ironically leaves a gratifying taste from not being able to let go.

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "I Try" below: