Ari Chi’s “Hot Honey” Is an Irresistible Ode to Love, Lust, and Pizza

Photo: Gabby Santos

Ari Chi is the Atlanta native with the voice of an angel. Before she could even speak, the genre-bending artist was singing with her heart and soul. With a background in classical music and her ukelele always by her side, Chi possesses quite the gift for effortlessly beautiful strumming.

Opening with fierce guitar plucks, “Hot Honey” follows Chi on a psychedelic journey that was inspired by a spicy honey pizza she had cooked. As we indulge in Chi’s dreamy vocals, we cannot help but fall into a haze of her R&B righteousness. Chi set herself on a mission to earn our trust as listeners, and it is safe to say she has completed her mission.

On “Hot Honey,” Ari Chi reflected,

“I started writing this song while I was in the kitchen cooking a spicy honey pizza. The lyrics are a play on shroom tea and love/lust. In a way, I’m trying to get the listener to trust me and give me their all.”

The hypnotizing visual for “Hot Honey” may remind you of your most recent LSD trip, and that is no mere coincidence. Chi appears in warped tones that tie into the shroom metaphor we find in the bold lyrics. Although her body is slightly drenched in acid, the trippy music video also appreciates the undeniable beauty of our bodies.

Become mesmerized by the “Hot Honey” video below: