Aries’ “Kids on Molly” Is the Soundtrack to Your Fleeting Youth

Aries is no stranger to these pages. The genreless auteur instantly stole our hearts with his distinctive blend of hip-hop, alternative rock, and pop that calls to mind '90s nostalgia and novel ingenuity in the same breath. And with each new release, the multi-hyphenate artist seems to pick up traction, building a sound and world you cannot help but give yourself over to.  

Taken from Aries' forthcoming album, "Kids on Molly" follows his previous single "Ditto" and serves as further proof of the genre-bending wunderkind's limitless appeal. Over an array of sun-drenched pulses of electric guitar and idiosyncratic production flourishes, Aries pens an ode to those listless days of ephemeral youth. There's an infectiously bittersweet energy to the entire track, as Aries throws out lines like "Have I grown enough? / Are you done sulkin', huh? / Really nothin' to lose / Suffer couple of bruises" with an unabashed passion.

"'Kids on Molly' is a song that encapsulates how I felt growing up," shares Aries, "Even when your world is falling apart, we're still gonna party and have a good time. This song is full of raw energy and feels so childish yet so grown to me at the same time. I had a lot of fun yelling on it too. (:" The single arrives alongside an accompanying music video, co-directed by Aries and Mattias Russo-Larsson, which brings the fervent energy of the track to life in surreal fashion.

As the words "believe in me, who believes in you" flash across the screen in the accompanying video, the throwback reference to cult anime Gurren Lagann takes on an entirely new meaning. "Kids on Molly" is not a coming-of-age story but an anthem meant to carry you through your lowest lows and remind you of those euphoric highs waiting just beyond the horizon.

Listen to "Kids on Molly" below: