Aries Displays a Refreshing Optimism on “DITTO”



Genre-bending wunderkind Aries is on a roll, and his momentum shows no signs of slowing. Over a year after the release of his wildly popular debut album WELCOME HOME, the Orange County-bred musician is gearing up to release new music again. "DITTO" is the third single off of his forthcoming album, following 2020's "CONVERSATIONS" and "FOOL'S GOLD."

Any artist will tell you that building a core fanbase is essential to success, and Aries has been steadily building his for years. In just three days after its release, "DITTO" has racked up over 800,000 streams on Spotify alone, and over 150,000 views on Youtube. The majority of these plays comes from a diehard group of fans who have been there for years. As Aries rises rapidly in popularity (his monthly listener count is now well over a million), his fanbase is a reminder of the grassroots, DIY ethos that forms the bedrock of his music.

The similarities between "DITTO" and its predecessors are clear. Aries' particular brand of rock-inspired emo rap favors heavy drums and guitar, and his penchant for whipping up catchy melodies is unmistakable. While "DITTO" bears obvious trademarks of Aries' previous work, it also marks a segue into radio-friendly pop for the self-taught producer. 

While songs like "FOOL'S GOLD" and "PONY" are dominated by a louder guitar presence, the latest from Aries features a more understated instrumental, making space for Aries' coolly detached delivery and the pop-leaning background vocals (courtesy of khai dreams).

While "CONVERSATIONS" centers around the breaking-down of a relationship, on "DITTO," Aries is content with the way things are. Basking in a newfound optimism; Aries sings, "Dust off my windowsill / The sunshine on my tail."

The accompanying visual follows Aries up into the mountains, where he dances among the horses and trees. In typical Aries fashion, he created the music video himself, along with the help of frequent collaborator Mattias Russo-Larsson.

Listen to "DITTO" below: