Arizona Zervas’ “24” Is This and Every Weekend’s Soundtrack


How do you cut through the noise, stand out, and climb to the top of the charts? Here's a top secret tip: Have a clear vision. From your Instagram aesthetic to sonically (good) consistent music, make sure it all ties together. When it comes down to it, we want to get what we came for. 

A prime example of an artist with an undeniable vision is Arizona Zervas - the black and white color scheme throughout his Spotify? Clean. The minimal, artistic "I Don't Give a F*ck" attitude that screams from his Instagram? Pleasing to go through. It also helps this his songs are catchy, fun, and yes… you guessed it, consistent.

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Zervas captured everyone's attention after "Roxanne" went viral on TikTok, catapulting him to the top of both the Spotify and Billboard charts. Other noteworthy mentions are "Drinking Problems," featuring 27CLUB, and "FML." 

Today, the internationally-recognized star in the making dropped "24", a new track to add more fuel to the ongoing fire surrounding this rapidly rising artist. Somewhere between Post Malone and Simple Plan, this record hits home. The production is reminiscent of our young punk personas, and Zervas' lyricism shines with an opulent braggadocio, "Take it easy workin' 9 to 5 / I got 24 hours / 24 hours / 24 hoes in the hotel tower / 24 bitches on the guest list yea / 24 carats on my necklace yea"

On a Saturday or Sunday, it's true that we only "got 24 hours" to do something that gives us a little relief from the creeping monotony of the work week. We're not saying to fully take Zervas' advice and stick some nice people in a hotel tower, but we are hoping this song brings you some form of escape this weekend. It's another great record to at least get you up out of bed and into the living room. 

Listen to "24" by Arizona Zervas: