Ashe and Niall Horan Reimagine Her Breakout Hit “Moral of the Story”

The past year has seen Ashe transform from one of music's best-kept-secrets to a budding pop sensation. The recent eruption of success can largely be attributed to TikTok, whose users quickly fell in love with the Los Angeles' singer-songwriter's single "Moral of the Story," leading to it become a viral hit and entering the Billboard charts. 

The world's love ongoing affair with the standout track shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, as today sees Ashe unveil a reimagined version featuring none other than pop superstar Niall Horan.

Originally executively produced by FINNEAS and featuring an uncredited lyrical contribution from Billie Eilish, "Moral of the Story" saw Ashe reflecting on a messy divorce. "This time a year ago I was dreading the arrival of Valentine’s Day knowing my marriage was on the verge of collapse. Months later than I should have, I moved out of my house, filed for divorce and left for tour. Faced with a broken relationship and no immediate answers to as to why we failed, writing ‘Moral of the Story’ became my way of making sense of it all," shared Ashe upon the song's original release.

The newly imagined version, featuring Horan, keeps intact all the heartbreaking charm of the original, while providing another dynamic element in the form of a newly-added verse. "It's funny how a memory / Turns into a bad dream / When running wild / Turns volatile / It's so funny how it changes / Ended up like strangers," coos Horan, riffing off the original's vulnerable confessional. Ashe spoke further on collaborating with Horan, sharing in a Twitter post,

"There's only a few humans I trust with my music and I feel lucky niall's become one of those people. we have more to learn about each other but what I've learned so far is he's not in it for fame or praise - he's in it bc he's in love with music and ur either born that or ur not."

Upon the initial release of "Moral of the Story," we praised it for its captivating portrayal of love and loss and applauded Ashe for her transcendent, diary-like approach to songwriting. Over a year later, all of this and more rings true as she prepares to step into stardom. 

Listen to "Moral of the Story" below:

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