Audrey Mika’s “Change Your Heart” Is an Effortlessly Enticing Affair

Photo: Lauren Lamboy

Audrey Mika is closing out 2019 in style. The rising pop-R&B star quickly gained a following on YouTube, covering hits and racking up plays in the millions, but it is her solo material that has us hooked. Effortlessly blending Ariana Grande wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve pop sentimentality with impeccable vocal control, Mika gets better with each and every new single.

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"Change Your Heart" is a continuation of this upward trend, following her RCA Records' debut "Fake Heartbreak," which we championed as a descent into beautiful despair. Mika's latest outing is equally emotive, painting a portrait of gorgeous what-ifs. "I can change your heart if you let me / Baby / I can change your mind if you think I’m / Crazy," sings the 19-year-old star on the rise through an array of airy vocals. The effect is intoxicating. Mika spoke further on the underlying meaning behind "Change You Heart," sharing,

"'Change Your Heart' is about being the person that makes someone else want to change and be a better person for you. You are the person that makes them change their mind even if they think that's crazy."

By no means does Mika seek to break the mold in "Change Your Heart." Instead, she homes in on what exactly makes her such a likely star, striking an exquisite balance between the inherent empathy of R&B ballads and the infectiousness of her pop leanings.  

Watch the lyric video for "Change Your Heart" below: