Avry’s "Petals" Is a Charming Ode to Unrequited Love


Avry's new song, "Petals," is a refreshing bedroom pop song that doesn't leave the listener wanting to cry but instead energizes them to get up and start moving. A sad song with a refreshing fun beat, "Petals" is about not being able to truly move on from someone after they have moved on from you. The verses reflect on the back-and-forth emotional tug of war that arises during a breakup, using "picking petals" to mirror those feelings.

"I wrote the song after realizing I was much more in love with someone than they were in love with me, the song explores the feeling of not being able to let go of someone even though feelings aren’t reciprocated," shares Avry. Through his lyrics you hear him take accountability. "Can't believe I left this undefined," sings the artist, demonstrating how he should have given his partner his all when he had the chance.

A good artist takes their particular scenario and makes it relatable to everyone. Where “Petals" shines is that it may be about the person he's in love with, but for all of us, it's about having to re-adjust our expectations. Life is never what it's expected to be. 

Listen to "Petals" below: