Ayoni Opens Up About Her Life on ”Unmoved (A Black Woman Truth)”

This could easily be one of the most powerful songs that has come across our desk in 2020. With so much changing in the world, and the tremendous amount of courage, power and dignity we see arising, we've witnessed so many artists use their platforms to speak out and stand up against the systematic racism that has been embedded in the world for far too long. Ayoni releases her most vulnerable song to date entitled "Unmoved (A Black Woman Truth)." The song is about the journey of her life and the struggles she's endured as a Black woman growing up. And we're here to share her story with the world.

With just a guitar and a gifted voice, Ayoni zeros in on the first time she was ever seen as "different". The time she was rejected for just the color of her skin. At the age of four, she was left alone at lunch because the other girls decided she couldn't play with them. This was just the start of a lifetime of resistance. Ayoni states:

"This song is my every uttered whisper and prayer. It is every heartbreak, micro-aggression, breakdown in the bathroom, and every swallowed fit of rage. But most importantly it is every single moment I remembered the walking poems that are my Black sisters, the breathing reasons to continue fighting to forge a path forward. So here I remain unmovable and unmoved."

"Unmoved (A Black Woman Truth)" is sung with raw emotion from a world of pain. The lyrics sink into your soul, opening your eyes to a life you may have never lived. A story for the ones who grew up with everything, and never had a worry in the world. Never worrying about being rejected because of who you are. Never worrying about the threat that American society has against you because of the color of your skin, or the person you choose to love.

"Are you sitting comfortable

While we bleed in vain

I've died by other names"

Ayoni is the voice of those who can't speak up. Ayoni is the voice for those who are no longer around to use theirs. Ayoni is the voice that not only needs to be heard, but must be heard. All proceeds from this song will go to Black & Pink.