Baby Keem’s “Orange Soda” Video Is a Film Reel of Rap’s Next Star

Baby Keem's rise on the hip-hop charts has been explosive. The young budding hip-hop star has garnered interest from a few of the most prominent names in the industry. To make it simple, Baby Keem is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Reigning from Las Vegas, Baby Keem is putting his own take on contemporary trap music, with catchy melodic bars and a unique voice to match. Keem is without a doubt the next big thing in hip-hop.

With fans such as Kendrick Lamar and BROCKHAMPTON, Baby Keem has become a household name for those in touch with hip-hop culture. And while he has yet to fully hit the mainstream, with his most recent EP, DIE FOR MY BITCH, Keem was able to pick up some steam and put forward a handful of notable singles that caught the attention of millions. The leading single for the EP, "Orange Soda," quickly became a fan favorite and has garnered over ten million streams on Spotify to date. 

The track features a set of trap drums and keys that cascade and fade throughout. What remains constant, however, is Keem's hypnotic vocals. Somehow, Keem has captured a sound that will access the same dreamlike state of psychedelic music with a modern trap sound. This sound is best summarized by Keem himself on the track, "Baby Keem, not a wave, I'm a vibe, ho."

In order to further complement his hit single, the Los Vegas native dropped music video directed by David Free. The video is displayed through a grainy film reel, highlighting various scenes ranging from a house party drowned in an ominous red light, a liquor store robbery, wine twirling at dinner, and BMX bikes taking off down a dimly lit street. The hectic turn of events keeps you glued to the screen, wondering what shot will be on display next. With various pans in and out of the camera and several still shots that could be framed, the video is its own aesthetic I have yet to see the likes of. With such an already great song, the video needed to match, and it made sure to do just that.

Ultimately, with the newest addition to the world of Baby Keem, the future for tomorrow's next rap star is all the more promising. With an obviously strong artistic compass, Baby Keem is changing the culture and crafting his own legacy. In an Instagram story, released after the music video, Keem made sure to let everyone know "it's not a secret anymore," Baby Keem is ready to take the crown.

Watch the video for "Orange Soda" below: