Baby Rose Steps In as the New Voice of R&B with 3 Soulful Ballads [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Most new artists wouldn't dare to release multiple singles at once, but 24-year-old Baby Rose is making a bold entrance into the R&B-soul world with THREE brilliant tracks released on the same day. With only one other single in her public discography, Rose has garnered the attention of established names like SZA, Kehlani, and J. Cole, all of whom have praised her as a rising voice of the R&B scene. Rose's three new singles, "Borderline," "Mortal," and "Sold Out," are only glimpses of what's coming next from the magnificent Atlanta-based songstress.

First up is "Borderline," a serene ballad about difficult decisions and reluctance when it comes to forgetting a special love. Shortly after the haunting piano introduction, Rose's powerful vocals quickly dominate the sorrowful instrumentals as she belts the memorable chorus. As Rose cries over the painful thought of releasing someone from her thoughts, she fully understands that being uncertain about something so impactful of her emotions is quite unacceptable.

The chilling "Mortal" is drizzled with gentle percussion and mellow rhythm guitars that pair well with the peaceful tone of the enchanting song. Once again, Rose's stunning voice is the center focus of this emotive track as reverberating backing vocals are pleasantly layered underneath. Reflecting on the desperation we exhibit when we simply want to be close to someone, Rose vocalizes her personal experiences with attachment and unrequited love with vulnerability that listeners will certainly resonate with.

Whereas "Borderline" and "Mortal" are livelier tunes, the third and final track, "Sold Out" sees Rose slowing down the tempo while still incorporating captivating instrumentals, as we can hear the innovative rain effects before the first verse. In "Sold Out," Rose dolorously reminisces about when she had faith in true love–even in trying times. To no surprise, Rose delivers an outstanding presentation of her undeniable ability to channel the most emotional topics into her touching songwriting in "Sold Out."

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