BAD CHILD - “Breathing Fire” | Live From the Rooftop

BAD CHILD is an artist you need to know, and with the caliber of singles he has released thus far, it is only a matter of time until you are seeing his name everywhere. The promising Canadian artist bridges elements of ominous R&B and alternative rock with utterly jaw-dropping production to create a sonic vision that is simultaneously looking into the abyss and beyond the horizon. It is a unique musical approach that we were honored to bear witness to in our latest "Live From the Rooftop" session.

"It's about how fleeting life can be and how fast things can move. It's just an urge inside of me to live as passionately and fast as I can, because it's quality, it's not quantity."

BAD CHILD speaks on his single, "Breathing Fire," with a prophetic calm, touching upon the fire in question that fuels his striking craft. It is the ethos of a man ready to take on the world with his music, burning brighter than any star before him.  


Photo: Betawave Media Group

Need more BAD CHILD in your life? Same. That's why we could not be more excited to be presenting half•alive's sold-out official Lollapalooza aftershow, where BAD CHILD will be opening. Be sure to catch both half•alive and BAD CHILD at Schubas Tavern on July 31, 2019 and at Lollapalooza!