Beauty School Dropout Comes Out Swinging on "Make It Through The Night"

Photo by @cannedfilm

Beauty School Dropout isn't a name you may have heard yet, but one you should become very familiar with. Blending a mix of pop punk and hip hop, this group is incorporating their own unique twist on a genre blend that's currently on the rise. The group released their brand new music video for their single "Make It Through The Night," and it goes in.

The song itself is an absolute banger. The production is superb and their ability to write a hit song all together goes to show the greatness behind this project. The variation in instrumentations brought out on this track all accompany each other perfectly.

The story is told through the music video. A bad time with the wrong person could be devastating. Trying to spend time with someone you don't know too well is such a toss up. Co-produced by Cisco Adler, the team was able to show Beauty School Dropout's misfit aesthetic through a kick-ass, grunge influenced music video. The mix of black and white to color in the music video brings you back to a nostalgic early 2000's vibe everyone has been craving lately. These guys aren't ones to be sleeping on at all.