Ben Kessler and the Complicated Friendship of “Just Wanna Be Your Friend”

While staying home for the past couple of months, we've seen an uproar in emerging artists releasing music, and we're taking it upon ourselves to make sure that we're helping deliver the best of the best during quarantine. That's why we're ecstatic to be delivering Ben Kessler's brand new single "Just Wanna Be Your Friend."

This passionate song highlights Kessler as an artist. His arrangement flows eloquently and is extremely pleasing to the ear. It's an easy listen and the type of tune you want to keep on repeat. Proving himself and an awe-inspiring instrumentalist and producer, it's his message within his new single that hits the hardest.

Kessler explains, "I wrote 'Just Wanna Be Your Friend' about spending time with someone and fighting with the pressure of trying to change for that person. I always complicate relationships, and this track is a reminder that spending time with someone isn't so complicated. This tune is a reminder to get out of my own way."

Kessler's soothing and gentle falsetto is as close to perfection as you can get. His layered vocals within the production incorporate a spacey atmosphere that imbues a calming quality to every second of "Just Wanna Be Your Friend." Then there's the way his fingers dance upon the strings of the guitar adding, another enviable element to the entire affair. It is safe to say Kessler has landed upon something special here. 

Listen to "Just Wanna Be Your Friend" below: