BENEE Finds Herself Torn Between Desire and Heartbreak in “Want Me Back”


19-year-old BENEE is the very definition of a visionary wunderkind. In a matter of months, the New Zealand artist has gone from releasing her debut single "Soaked" to playing her first arena show, opening for Lily Allen. And with each striking new release, BENEE continues to evolve her undeniable craft.

"Want Me Back" may mark only the fourth single from BENEE to date, but it hints at the limitless promise and range of this rapidly rising artist. A noted departure from the groove-inducing "Soaked" or the effervescent "Evil Spider," "Want Me Back" is a raw moment of indie pop bliss. Opting for the power of stripped-back vulnerability, BENEE floats across an array of production whose little ripples and swells create a mood quite like no other. It is an ethereal push and pull that perfectly sets the tone for the New Zealand artist's heartfelt outpouring.

"Tear me down, you hurt me/ Change your mind, want me again/ Playin' with my heart in utter boredom/ Hide again," BENEE's words linger in the air, as if left to ponder for a moment longer the inherent contradiction of this supposed love. BENEE spoke on creating "Want Me Back,"

"'Want Me Back' was freestyled in a recent studio session. I just improvised and think the result is more vulnerable and different to the rest of the songs on the 'FIRE ON MARZZ' EP. It's definitely tops of the BENEE songs for me right now."

Painting a stunning sonic portrait that simultaneously exists someplace between desire and heartbreak, "Want Me Back" showcases BENEE as an artist with an illustrious poise well beyond her years.

Listen to "Want Me Back" below:

Plus, catch BENEE live in Los Angeles on June 19 at our Baño Flaco showcase: