benny mayne Proves He Belongs in the Spotlight on “Hardest”


After establishing himself as a veteran writer by penning hits behind the scenes for Blackbear and G-Eazy, benny mayne has now proven that he belongs in the spotlight. Solo releases such as his SKELETONS EP are a testament to benny mayne's writing and vocal performances. Hip hop, punk, R&B, and alt-rock all meet at an eclectic intersection to make a sound that is unique and specific to benny.

benny mayne released his first single of 2021 titled "Hardest," which is one of his best tracks yet. The track similarly merges a variety of genres and influences, but these ideas all culminate into one singular vision. benny mayne's vocals on the track are incredibly engaging with him flexing his vocal range throughout the track. benny once again reminds listeners why he is such a respected songwriter with ear-worm refrains that stick in your head long after first listen.

If "Hardest" by benny Mayne is evidence of what's to come, then definitely anticipate whatever the rising star has planned. Check out SKELETONS if you're unfamiliar and be on the look out for more new music soon from benny mayne.

Listen to "Hardest" by benny mayne below: