Bensbeendead. Blossoms on ‘GARDENING’


Just a little over a year ago, Bensbeendead. was introduced to the industry via his debut single, "Exoskeleton." His unique production and signature vocal tone are what really stuck out to listeners. Fast forward one year, and the emerging artist has debuted his first EP entitled GARDENING. The project tells the end of a botched love story and everything that goes with a not-so-happy ending.

The name of GARDENING comes from the saying "tending the garden". The idea was to focus on his own mental stability and self-care. Tracks like "STAND STILL" talk about how falling in love can consume your every thought and emotion, whereas tracks like "RADIO SILENCE" convey the idea of keeping tabs on an ex that you can't seem to move on from. These kinds of problems can keep building up to eventually tear you down, so it's essential that you pull back to focus on yourself. To tend your own garden so to speak. Bensbeendead. explains,

"I started recording GARDENING at the very beginning of the pandemic when we were all first starting to settle into quarantine. I was spending a lot of time filled with anxiety and started to really focus in on myself and what I needed. The idea of 'tending a garden' really connected with me when it came to the idea of self care. With more time to slow down and spend on myself it really felt like I was starting to tend to my own garden, and the songs I wrote during that period hopefully reflects that idea. I wanted to create a sonic world that people could get lost in. It's a project that I think should be listened to in full, in a setting where you can really focus on all the layers of the songs. It might be hard to digest when you're feeling the emotions conveyed through the project but I hope that at least those people can relate to the feelings and fully indulge in them through this EP."

Each song flows into the next with ease. He takes you on an emotional trip with each song, all being produced in different settings and different ways. Bensbeendead. wanted to ensure every bit of this EP was as authentic as possible. He wanted to create a space and energy of his own. Bensbeendead. has created a world of his own and we're all just living in it.