BK Rockstar’s Delivers a Wild, High Energy Performance on “Smoke”


Brooklyn native, BK Rockstar, is relatively new to the hip hop scene, but he raps as if he's an established veteran. The main commonality tying every BK Rockstar track together is his wild, eccentric energy. His loud abrasive flows matched with hard-hitting production make each track a rush of adrenaline. Singles such as "Talk My Sh*t" are the perfect introduction for those unfamiliar and showcase what makes BK Rockstar a standout artist.

Produced by Adam Quint, "Smoke"continues BK Rockstar's hot streak and solidifies him as a talent to watch in the underground.  His high pitched vocal inflections and ad libs maintain the energy from start to finish. BK Rockstar's multiple flow switches also keep the track consistently interesting.

BK Rockstar is bringing a different perspective and style to New York hip hop that is entirely his own. "Smoke" shows once again that BK Rockstar can make high quality tracks seem effortless. Check out BK Rockstar and make sure to keep an eye out for new releases soon.

Listen to "Smoke" by BK Rockstar below: