Blu DeTiger Exudes an Infectious Confidence on “Blondes”


Photo: Yana Yatsuk

As a general rule, I try to avoid clicking on Instagram ads (I don’t want to give them the satisfaction), but when Blu DeTiger’s came across my feed I couldn’t resist - a confident, empowered woman who plays a mean bass? Consider the click earned and yes, she’s proven to be worth the follow. Blu embodies a capable and assertive version of female empowerment, with an ever-burning flicker of flirtatiousness at its core.

Her latest single, “Blondes,” is her first to drop after signing with Capitol Records, following the release of her debut EP How Did We Get Here?. It’s a punchy, polished performance that’s clearly releasing a pandemic’s worth of pent-up energy as the singer goes from “sitting at home, feeling dull and alone” to begging someone to “hit me up, take me out, break my heart, make it hurt.”

Blu DeTiger clearly isn’t someone who holds back her sensuality and “Blondes” is full of that pre-game, strut down the sidewalk, “make me feel alive” confidence. Even if it wasn’t conveniently titled “Blondes,” this song is pitch-perfect for a shampoo commercial (in the best way possible).

The call-and-response in the pre-chorus is maybe my favorite part. Partially because it reminds me of another New York City feminist favorite, Le Tigre’s “My My Metrocard.” That song similarly championed escapism in the midst of a restrictive political environment. In the present, “Blondes” takes us out of the cycle of over-thinking - the pursuit of fun, of feeling alive - yet remains just righteous enough without weighing it down by shoehorning all of our anxious strivings for meaning into it.

If it’s exploration you’re looking for, try the funk-pop stylizing of "Blondes." Like they say… blondes have the most fun.

Watch the "Blondes" video below: