“bored&blind” is an Artistic Evolution for Pop Protege ella jane


ella jane has been garnering massive attention and it's no secret why. The New York native is most recognizable for her soft, haunting, and incredibly emotive vocals that are always matched with her complex songwriting. Singles such as "nothing else I could do," "The City," and "AUGUST IS A FEVER" prove ella jane is one of the most promising vocalists and storytellers in up and coming pop.  

Her new single "bored&blind" was started when she was 16 and later finished when she was 19. Despite being started years ago, the song still sounds cutting edge for today's modern pop scene. "bored&blind" is both an artistic and personal evolution for ella jane. The track is ella jane's best vocal performance with the skeletal instrumental giving her space to deliver. The chorus is her catchiest to date.

"Well how many figures
Will it take for you to bring me back my heart
Cause right now it's sitting in your basement
Hidden in the back with some stolen art

"bored&blind" is ella jane's delivery and songwriting in top form. Somehow each single is better than the last and “bored&blind" peaks anticipation over what ella jane will do next.

Listen to "bored&blind" by ella jane below: