Boy Pablo’s “Honey” Is Sweet With Summertime Lovin’


There's no artist more optimistic than Boy Pablo, truly. In a world full of struggle and sadness, it's nice to get a break once in a while and have something to smile about. Boy Pablo's contributing to the good feeling with his single "Honey".

They knocked it out of the park with the sunny guitar pop tune. With the group's signature guitar riffs and floating like synths, the song is a perfect continuation of the sonic story Boy Pablo continues to tell. In "Honey," Boy Pablo sings about "the fascination you have for each other [that] never fades away." And the fascination is so omnipresent. You can see it all over the sun-struck whimsical nature of the music video.

In the Eivind Landsvik directed video shot in Bergen, Norway, Boy Pablo lounges around his cloudy color coded home spending long afternoons on the phone with a girl or playing pingpong with his bandmates. It's a vibe the artist is giving a us a glimpse into before the long awaited album. Wachito Rico, loosely translates to 'cutie pie' and is slated to arrive this fall. Until then, watch "Honey" below: