Brasstracks Announce Debut Album and Drop “Hold Ya”


One of our favorite duos from the past few years have just announced their debut album. Multi-instrumentalist Ivan Jackson and percussionist Conor Rayne comprise the group Brasstracks. Their debut full-length album, Golden Ticket, will be out on August 21st via EQT and Capital Records. Earlier this year, they released singles "Missed Your Call" and "Change For Me." Today, they’re bringing back their big brass energy with "Hold Ya" featuring fellow soul duo Lawrence. 

Speaking on the origins of "Hold Ya", Jackson says,

"In New Orleans at 3 AM, I listened to Lawrence's album Living Room all the way through. I was such a fan, I wrote them a long email freaking out about them. We were able to do a few sessions, and we wrote 'Hold Ya' during our last session while we were goofing around. It was originally a guitar-and-drum demo, but after we played it for Lawrence, we were off to the races that night, working on the song until 4 in the morning. All the vocals you hear are from that night in our basement bedroom. Sorry neighbors!"

We're excited about the new song and the album. The unending parade of positive energy that Brasstracks' music provides should be shared with the world and hopefully this album will help it circulate. Watch their video for "Hold Ya" below.