Bre Kennedy Lights a Beacon of Hope in the Uplifting “Wilburn Street”

With a sense of normalcy finally returning, we've all got much to look forward to. So if you find yourself holding on to yesterday, you need to listen to Bre Kennedy's "Wilburn Street" to help you let go.

Kennedy started writing "Wilburn Street" in March of last year with her best friends and band because they wanted to be able to go to their favorite bar, the titular Wilburn Street. According to Kennedy, those were "the hardest moments in life, when times felt impossible." She also says, "After the year we all went through… this song to me is a beacon of hope in overcoming the fear that has kept us all down. It feels like we can all connect and celebrate life together again. I wanted a song on the record that felt happy, filled with life and celebration beyond the fear that has been floating around for a while."

Listening to Kennedy's music, one can recognize the intricate storytelling infused with both pop sensibilities and folk tenderness. It's not surprising that Kennedy is influenced by iconic talents like Brandi Carlile, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, and Cat Power. Throughout Kennedy's music, she touches on profound themes of self-growth and embracing the messy moments of life. Impressively, Kennedy has opened for renowned artists such as Sheryl Crow, Gary Clark Jr., and Birdtalker.

While listening to "Wilburn Street," two things stand out. First, her ability to evoke mesmerizing emotion with her delicate, raspy voice, and secondly, the uplifting chorus. The song itself is a celebration of life. I find myself wanting to throw my hands in the air, just like Kennedy does in the accompanying music video.  

Listen to "Wilburn Street" below: