Brian Dunne Kisses the Decade Goodbye in “Getting Wrecked On Election Day” [Premiere]


Photo: Adam Gardner

Brian Dunne has always been fascinated by songwriters who layer rock and roll and self-examination. While watching a live Bruce Springsteen VHS as a child, Dunne decided right then and there that he would become a successful songwriter. In a trying time during which tumultuous political news cycle is inescapable, Dunne treats us to a blast from the past with "Getting Wrecked On Election Day."

Opening with charming guitars and hopeful xylophones, "Getting Wrecked On Election Day" is drenched with uplifting instrumentals. However, these are juxtaposed by Dunne's straightforward lyricism, which without hesitation tells us everything wrong with the world and its current political state. 

On "Getting Wrecked On Election Day," Brian Dunne exclusively shared with us,

“‘Getting Wrecked On Election Day’ is a song so direct and autobiographical that it truly makes me nervous. I wrote it about carving out a life for myself in a time of political unrest, existential madness, and social chaos; but it also takes on my love of television, my hatred of cover bands, my friends, some drugs, my favorite snack foods, the ten people you meet in New York in your twenties, aging, dying, living, and our evil clown president, though somehow it’s only like three minutes long. It is ultimately a kiss goodbye to a decade that was both incredible and insufferable, and whether we liked it or not, it was ours to live through."

The black-and-white "Getting Wrecked On Election Day" visual sets the stage for a rough next four years. As Dunne sits posted against a gate eating chips, the camera cuts to several shots of the people of New York living their everyday lives. As passersby are hopping on subways and tourists are getting lost in Times Square, we are reminded that life goes on.

Watch the "Getting Wrecked On Election Day" video below: