Bruno Major and FINNEAS Explore the Intricacies of Soulmates in “The Most Beautiful Thing”


Photo: Ortiz Arenas 

The concept of a "soulmate" is a cherished ideal. While some believe it's all a farce, others believe in a multitude of soulmates, extending further than romantic inclinations and into all those special connections that captivate our souls. Here to comment on the phenomenon is Bruno Major and FINNEAS in "The Most Beautiful Thing."  

Co-written by the four-time Grammy Winner, FINNEAS and his sister Billie Eilish had long been fans of Bruno Major's work. The collaboration came into fruition through a personal note sent by FINNEAS himself, requesting a writing session with Major, and the rest is history. On working with FINNEAS, Major shared, 

“He's one of the best, man. We got in the studio and immediately hit it off. He's just a sick guy, very intelligent, very talented. There's a lyrical prowess to him and a deep intelligence to him that belies his years - and we connected over his love of words. We wrote a few songs, and hopefully we'll write more, but 'The Most Beautiful Thing' is the one that stood out."    

"The Most Beautiful Thing" is the latest taste of Major's forthcoming album To Let A Good Thing Die, set to release June 5. A gentle guitar-driven ballad, edging on a lullaby, Major questions the idea of a single soulmate, wondering if circumstance or compatibility is to blame for the intricacies of falling in love. Poetically stated, Major describes the song as "a love letter to the soulmate I've never met."  

The track's movement is languid in nature, glazed by the tender strums of a guitar and washed over with a breezy sense of bliss. Guitar slides and soft harmonies manifest a relaxed disposition, as Major serendipitously muses in the chorus, "I don’t know who you are / But I’ll save you a seat / Hang my coat on the chair next to me / I tried to reassure the waiter, say you're down the street / He laughed at me / So here's to you / The most beautiful thing that I have never seen."   

Listen to "The Most Beautiful Thing" below: