Caro’s ‘songs from 3am’ Is a Diverse and Relatable Pop Debut


Nashville-based producer, songwriter, and singer Caro recently released her debut seven-track EP, "songs from 3am," and we are enraptured. The up-and-coming songstress incorporates a plentiful blend of soft pop, electronic elements, and dance music to put forward an innovative and relatable 19-minute debut. 

Ranging from acoustic ballads to moving electronic dance breaks, the talented Caro introduces her artistry to the world with a bang. With tracks speaking on one-sided relationships, lack of trust, and jealousy, songs from 3am is an undoubtedly universal insight into modern relationships.

The EP begins with "dance around," which is a sweet take on lingering feelings after a failed relationship. The song consists mostly of Caro singing over a smooth guitar backing, at points incorporating waves of vocal harmony that enhance the depth of the track. Caro also makes use of a warm falsetto, echoing the song's underlying sentiment, "We can just dance around / Why don't we just dance around?" This line beautifully captures the essence of craving an emotion-free connection, wanting a simple moment of bliss rather than facing the possibility of rejection.

Further into the EP, the listener is blessed with the dramatic genre-bending "see u in hell." The song revolves around the idea of remaining in a toxic relationship despite knowing the severe consequences for both parties. Caro repeats throughout, "I know that it's over but I'm still coming over," capturing the message of continuing to make the same mistakes in spite of the reality of the situation. 

To tie the EP together, Caro concludes with a three-minute guitar-based track, "i don't miss u." The song delivers a message of a broken relationship, with one individual moving on much sooner than the other. This leaves Caro speaking on themes of jealousy, one-sided relationships, and the difficulty of moving on from a toxic love. As the song and EP approach their end, Caro mixes in an entirely raw vocal recording of the "i don't miss u" chorus and sends the EP off with a sense of bedroom-recorded sincerity. 

Listen to songs from 3am below: