“Cashmoney” Is No Rome’s Impressive Fusion of Lush R&B and Charming Pop

After collaborating with The 1975 on his 2018 debut EP, RIP Indo Hisashi, the young talent known as No Rome is quickly making a name for himself with his smooth fusion of lush R&B and charming pop. No Rome was born in Manila, but eventually found himself in London, completely immersed in a zestful culture that invited him with open arms. With his colored hair and quirky outfits, it's no secret that No Rome has a deep appreciation for fashion, which he openly shares in his stunning new single, "Cashmoney."

Opening with a universal message, "Cashmoney" touches on human beings' desires to create while acknowledging the boundless world of possibilities. No Rome references several designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Balenciaga as he attempts to convince someone that he can give them everything they've ever wanted. The stimulating electronics paired with No Rome's soothing vocals in "Cashmoney" are more than enough to make us adore this rising Filipino talent.

On "Cashmoney," No Rome reflected,

"I wrote 'Cashmoney' when I was 16 and working in a call center in Manila. I've always written songs about fashion; it's an inspiration and form of expression for me. I just never really knew how to put it in a pop context before."

Before No Rome releases his forthcoming EP, Crying in the Prettiest Places, on May 3, live a life of luxury with "Cashmoney" below:

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