Chainsmokers’ Collaborator Ryann Debuts with Hopelessly Romantic “JFK” [PREMIERE]


If you've ever wondered whose angelic voice is behind The Chainsmokers' "New York City," look no further because Ryann is finally making her solo debut after years of collaborating with other developing artists. The talented songstress embraces folk as she opts for humble guitars and simplistic pianos over heavy electronics. Considering the fact that she only began composing her solo discography last year, Ryann has perfected a schematic soundscape that we're now being introduced to with her charming debut single, "JFK."

The intimate "JFK" blends together utterly raw instrumentals and vulnerable lyricism courtesy of Ryann herself. Exposing the confusion of a fresh love, "JFK" is Ryann's generous offering to her new listeners, revealing the hopeless romantic side of herself. Ryann's airy vocals are truly breathtaking, and she'll most definitely be someone worth keeping your eyes on over the next few years as she adds more enchanting tunes to her genuine discography.

On "JFK," Ryann exclusively shared with us,

"For about a year and a half, my attention was directed towards writing for other artists and getting to know some of the songwriters and producers in LA. Through this I met Sean Kennedy, who co-wrote 'JFK.' I always knew I wanted to release my own music, but was waiting for the right song that really felt like me. While writing this song at Sean's kitchen table, something clicked into place, and I immediately felt connected to it. 'JFK' is about the bittersweet uncertainty that comes with falling in love, and being that I'm quite the hopeless romantic, I felt that it would be the perfect first single."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "JFK" below: