Channel Tres Teases New Mixtape With the Groovy “Skate Depot”

Photo: Yazz Alali

Channel Tres doesn't miss. The past year saw the Compton producer release fan-favorite single "Weedman," remix Joji's "Gimme Love," and collaborate with acts like Robyn and SG Lewis. Tres is now back with a new single, "Skate Depot," out now on his own label, Art For Their Good. 

The track is named after a Skate Depot in Cerritos, which is the first place he ever worked. He was promptly let go for not being a good skater. Suffice to say, his career turned out just fine.

"Skate Depot" traces the West Coast house trajectory that previous releases like "Weedman" and the Black Moses EP have laid down. With earworm production and an infectious charm, the single induces a compelling urge to dance. Tres' muted intonations glide around the groovy backbeat as he croons, "Hands up hands down / almost threw my ass out."

The accompanying Mancy Gant-directed visual follows Channel Tres as he rollerskates around town. Watching Tres coast around sunny Los Angeles with ease, it's hard to believe he was ever fired from Skate Depot. 

"Skate Depot" is the precursor to Tres' new mixtape, I Can't Go Outside. The release date has not yet been announced.

Listen to "Skate Depot" below: