Yung Bae and Channel Tres’ “Wonder” Is a Vaporwave Dream Come True


Let me tell you a secret. Despite all the hip-hop, indie-pop, and electronic music that you'll find on my weekly rotation, I have one musical love that towers above them all: vaporwave. Yes, we exist. I dream of being the first vaporwave-only A&R, and when I’m not going through pitches, I’m spending my days scouring Bandcamp and listening to artists from マクロスMACROSS 82-99 to NxxxxxS. 

Though it is rare that vaporwave ever gets the attention it deserves, I am honored today to shed some light on what may be one of 2021's most sacrosanct silver linings. Released this week, "Wonder" is the new collaboration between OTW-favorite Channel Tres and vaporwave icon Yung Bae (maybe more future-funk, if you want to get specific). 

This has been a bit of an interesting year for both artists, as each has released around a half-dozen collaborative singles so far, including the recent Channel Tres and Polo collaboration, "Tunnel." "Wonder" marks the first collaboration between the two LA-based artists, and the end result? It was definitely worth the wait.

"Wonder" is the collaboration I never knew I needed, but I feel that my life is now better because of it. It's a banger that is distinctly unlike anything else I've heard this year, thundering bass signals and trap percussion dominate a vintage-flavored string-heavy mix. This serves as the perfect foundation for Channel Tres to swoop in and deliver an effortless performance with his signature nonchalant tone. "Wonder" manages to be the best of both worlds, synthesizing Yung Bae's vaporwave-funk sound with Channel Tres' hip-hop bounce. Perfect for fans of both, this is an easy contender for song of the summer.

Listen to "Wonder" below: