Charlie Powers Wears His Heart on His Sleeve on “Alone With Myself”


In his latest deeply self-reflective ballad, "Alone With Myself," Charlie Powers wears his heart on his sleeve, unveiling an internal dialogue surrounding anxiety, isolation, and mental health. Over a light, acoustic melody, this alternative-pop artist explores a newfound electronic influence amidst a charismatic and vulnerable frame of songwriting. The message behind the lines complements the atmospheric nature of the track, and invites listeners into his mind, so maybe, he, and in turn listeners, don't feel so alone.

Released "for the lonely boys and girls," Powers poses an intoxicating and dangerous question on what it means to be alone. In the track, Powers sings, "It's not your fault that I'm lonely / Trouble sleeping at night with eyes open / And I promised that I won't show it / Thought you'd understand…" The calm and smooth backdrop contradicts the imperative feeling of the message, yet allows listeners the space to reflect on Powers' musings. With an unmistakable air of honesty and transparency, this San Diego artist continues adding to his growing discography of captivating and beautiful music.

The tranquil essence of Powers' confident style is indicative of his growing career and fanbase. And "Alone with Myself," is a contemplative demonstration of that musical confidence, one unafraid to directly address mental health and solitude against a soundscape of serene ambiance. 

Listen to "Alone With Myself" below: