Charlotte Lawrence Offers a Striking Critique of Society in “God Must Be Doing Cocaine”

Photo: Tyler Shields

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Charlotte Lawrence, our favorite multifaceted indie-pop princess, explores a bit of somber and nihilistic dialogue in her latest release, “God Must Be Doing Cocaine.” The song discloses a couple grim truths about living in the over-glorified city of angels. 

“God Must be Doing Cocaine” follows her previous track “Navy Blue,” which walked us through a fake-it-til-you-make-it heartbreak that we had yet to fully recover from. The 19-year-old has adopted a knack for instilling a sense of empathy into her listeners with her painfully relatable lyricism and dark yet entrancing vocals.

“God Must be Doing Cocaine” is a striking and thought-provoking dissection on life as we know it, with Lawrence shining a light on everything from a normalized desire to exist as different versions of our selves to the replacement of humans due to the rapid technological advancements. The song’s production is beautifully complex, taking on a cinematic ambiance brimming with dramatic rises and falls. Then there are Lawrence’s haunting ad-libs, which are sure to send a chill down the spine. Although she’s normally noted as being a pop star in the making, it’s clear Lawrence is beginning to stake her claim as a bewitching, genre-less artist.

At the beginning of November, the Los Angeles - based artist began her headlining "Navy Blue Tour." If you haven’t had a chance to witness Lawrence’s sheer artistry in person, now is your chance. 

Until then, stream “God Must be Doing Cocaine” below, and use it as a tool to delve into deeper thought: