Chela’s “Delivery” Video Is a Cosmic ‘80s Dream

Photo: Fabian Aimargono

Chela is finishing the year in a big way. The Filipina-Australian pop star's electrifying single "Delivery" just got the video treatment. The track comes from Chela's ripe EP, also titled Delivery, which debuted earlier this fall. "Delivery" is a spunky take on what exactly made '80s music so infectious and timeless. It inhales quirk and exhales charisma. 

Now ahead of the singer's Australian tour with Gus Dapperton, Chela's released the visual for the wondrous electro-pop single. It's a bright new take on the past. Directed by Chela herself, and shot by Stefan Duscio, the video is a lustrous depiction of an intimate galactic concert. 

A holographic version of Chela and her back-up dancers dazzle in a digital nightclub, simultaneously evoking Blade Runner and all our favorite '80s hits with each and every move. Cosmic clubgoers look on watching Chela sing about finding a lover she knows is somewhere out there roaming their intergalactic planet. And she's ready to find that love. 

Watch the video for "Delivery" below.