Chelsea Collins Bids a Sweet Farewell to a Toxic Ex on “Wish U Hell”


Photo: Ben Allen

Music presents artists with a unique platform. A megaphone to make statements, air grievances, and express complex emotions. With unending waves of lockdowns and isolation, artists are using music to reclaim their power by being unapologetically honest. And not just for themselves but for all those who listen and relate to their music, giving them an outlet to their emotions.

This is increasingly true with female artists like Chelsea Collins, who are feeling freer to write songs about who they are and how they feel, unashamed of what anyone may think. Collins uses her platform to talk about her real-life experiences with toxic relationships and mental health. This devil may care approach is evident in her new single, "Wish U Hell."

One of the beautiful things about pop music is its innate ability to be both honest and fun. This song is catchy as hell, from the first beat to the final refrain. "'Wish U Hell' evokes the nostalgic feeling of being nine years old, jumping on my bed, pretending I'm a rockstar," states Collins. Wrapped up in a song venting about an ex is a message about being true to yourself and how you feel in the moment. And in the end, we could all benefit from allowing the kid inside of us a little more breathing room.

Watch the "Wish U Hell" video below: