Chelsea Cutler and Alexander 23 Remind Us How “Lucky” We Are

Photo: Meredith Truax

Chelsea Cutler and Alexander 23 dropping a new song together? How lucky are we? “Lucky" isn't the collaboration we asked for, but undoubtedly, the collaboration we needed.

As we head into the colder, darker, and less desirable months of the year, we tend to forget about how good life really is. Lucky for us, we have two astonishing breakout artists to remind us how much life has to offer and how important it is to take a deep breath and evaluate what we really have and love. In a social media - driven world, it's easy to lose sight of who is truly in your corner. Whether it be a significant other, a family member, or a best friend, it's imperative that we see the devotion and appreciation they radiate on us on a day to day basis.

Released via Republic Records, "Lucky" delivers a positive and genuine message about love being part of the human experience. The song begins with a simple question, "How lucky am I to love somebody?" A question that often gets lost in the mix of life. The stress of work, school, or whatever you're dealing with can easily override the appreciation you have for your loved ones having the ability to love at all. This song reminds you to take a step back and recognize what's important to you. Cutler spoke further on "Lucky," sharing,  

"So much of life is spent rushing to figure out who we are and what this life is all about. It was important for me to pause for a moment and recognize how fortunate I am to have love in my life."

Short but sweet. The simplicity in the production compliments the song perfectly. It forces you to focus on the message without getting lost in its upbeat mix. The candor of Cutler and Alexander 23's honest and pure, welcoming you into the song with sincerity. Cutler proves again and again that her songs are incredibly relatable and enduring.

Next time you're feeling hollowed out, remember how lucky you are to have people who adore and love you. Next time you're in a desolate place, pick up your headphones and listen to "Lucky."

Listen to "Lucky" below: