Chelsea Cutler Puts Her Own Infectious Spin on the Breakup Anthem With “Walking Away”


Singer-songwriter Chelsea Cutler's latest single, "Walking Away," is an anthem for ending a relationship and the mixed bag of emotions that comes with it. The track is laced with a melancholic confidence, elevated by the contrast of the lyrics and production. With standout lyrics like, "Sometimes people break when they're bending" and plucky sonics perfect for a summer night bop, "Walking Away" is certainly a song worth losing yourself in.

Anyone who's been part of a mutual, natural end of a relationship will find something in "Walking Away" to hold close. Cutler describes this experience in a matter-of-fact nature, but still makes sure to spend time with the range of emotions that accompany any breakup. The ethereal but simple production aids itself to her raw vocals which see her coming to terms with a whole chapter of her life coming to a close. 

As Cutler reminiscences on the relationship, she comes to terms with the fact that sometimes people just aren't meant to be. "Walking Away" teeters a delicate balance between mourning the rose-colored nostalgia of a relationship and accepting that simply walking away is for the best. One of the most compelling moments of the track is its abrupt, simple ending that feels decidedly definite. It leaves listeners with a sense that although she's obviously sad about this inevitable ending, there's a distinct sense of confidence in knowing she made the right decision.

As usual, Cutler's distinctive vocal tone and lyricism makes "Walking Away" uniquely her own. It's an intriguing take on a classic breakup song and is certainly the perfect go-to track for all of your summer vibe needs. It's insightful, emotional, and most importantly, real. We can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for Cutler, including her upcoming tour with Quinn XCII!

Listen to "Walking Away" below: