chloe moriondo and the Heartwarming Sincerity of “Kindergarten”


Photo: Kriss Hermann

There is an ineffable sincerity to the music of chloe moriondo. From within the walls of her Michigan bedroom, she has quietly amassed a devoted following, largely thanks to her relatable charm and penchant for heartwarming and rending songwriting. It is a unique reliability that she imbues in all her music, including her latest single "Kindergarten."

"Kindergarten" marks moriondo's first release of 2020 as well as her first-ever music video. The straightforward single is pure moriondo. Simply put, it is capable of whisking up any lingering memories of childhood love or ensuing anxiety with a single strum of her trademark ukulele. 

"'Cause this kindergarten crush got my stomach all twisted / You're sweeter than sugar, lover I'm addicted / My brain is doing bunny loops, I'm a disaster," sings our new favorite bedroom pop artist in a fit of puppy love. From the wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve sentimentality of the lyrics to the happy accident that is a police siren picked up while recording, every facet of "Kindergarten" bleeds with real raw emotion.  

The accompanying visual, directed by Max Moore, is a disarmingly sweet treat at first glance. Pairing the subtly serene sonics with a video that brings to mind the story of a psychokinetic Carrie, it tells the classic story of girl falls in love with girl, girl may or not kill girl with her voodoo-like psychic powers. We've all been there.

The confessional nature of "Kindergarten" is a testament to the rare gift the Michigan-bred artist has to offer. In moriondo's music, people can find moving songwriting, entrancing confessionals, and most importantly, themselves.

Watch the video for "Kindergarten" below: