Civ Pierre Let’s His Music Speak on His Behalf


More than ever before, artists are extremely accessible on social media. These days it's rare to find an artist that refuses to engage but that's exactly what enigmatic artist Civ Pierre is doing. With a masked face and an anonymous persona, Pierre shows there's beauty in building mystique. Especially since his music speaks for itself.

Civ Pierre's debut singles "Black Tiger" and "EST. 20″ paint a vivid picture of his artistic vision and high skill level. Center stage on these two tracks are Pierre's eccentric flows, high pitched expressive delivery, and storytelling. "Black Tiger" is fast paced and hard-hitting and features a chilling spoken word passage from artist Joy Postell. The track is a strong introduction and shows off Pierre's relentless flows and unique cadences. "EST. 20″ has Civ Pierre crooning over an eerie instrumental. The overall tone of the track is forlorn, introspective, and ghostly. The two tracks together display different sides of one versatile artist.

Civ Pierre is just beginning. These two tracks are strong introductions to the artist and leave me wanting more new music not only for their high quality, but also to learn more about the enigmatic artist.

Listen to "Black Tiger" and "EST. 20″ by Civ Pierre below: