Claud Recounts Their Unique Tale of Heartbreak in “Wish You Were Gay”


Photo: Kyle Smith

Music is a unique tool that allows the listener to telescope into the experiences of others. Via this wonderful vessel, we can explore issues important to those whose backgrounds are completely foreign to our own. Non-binary indie artist Claud's most recent release, "Wish You Were Gay," provides an extraordinary insight into romantic hardships faced by those in the LGBTQ+ community.

Claud (formerly known as Toast before a changing names after being sued by Wonder Bread) introduces perspectives not commonly portrayed in pop music in "Wish You Were Gay." As the title suggests, the vulnerable confessional recounts the story of a love the singer has that will never be reciprocated. Over a dreamscape of melancholy piano, Claud's crystalline vocal fabricates an alternate reality in which their love interest, who appears to be a friend, possesses a sexual orientation that would align with the singers. During the chorus, the singer muses,

"I wish you were gay, so you could just hold me
Call me your babe instead of your homie
Dunno what to say, but I wish you were gay
I wish you were gay, so it would be easy
For me to say that I'm catching feelings
And I know you're straight, but I wish you were gay"

Claud's tender admission of their feelings is a welcome addition to the wealth of pop songs depicting heartbreak. Their unique perspective invites the listener to contemplate that not all rejection stems from the same place and that every hardship has its own story.

Claud, who has supported the likes of The Marías, Clairo, Triathalon, and more in the past, is on tour through the end of June in California and New York. Before buying your tickets, check out "Wish You Were Gay" here: