COIN’s “Youuu” Cements Them as New Wave for a New Generation

Photo: David O'Donohue

COIN has built their foundation on infectious hooks and understated emotional complexity. It is a multi-faceted approach that has earned the Nashville-based trio acclaim, fans across the globe, and a gift for crafting music that continually belies expectations. And with their latest single, COIN asserts that they are indeed new wave for a new generation. 

"Youuu" arrives as the latest single from the trio's forthcoming album Dreamland, which is set for release February 21. The single offers an exceptional glimpse into what the alt-pop trio has in store for us, balancing candid songwriting and a soundscape that is as nostalgic as it is adventurous. Over an array of New Order - evoking synths, COIN plays with softly-spoken confessionals and sudden surges of emotion, crafting a picture-perfect portrait of persisting heartbreak. This is the song that plays out in the climax of a yet-to-be-written, nostalgia-inducing coming-of-age film, soft blues and pinks illuminating our hero who realizes he has made a grave mistake. 

Beyond the mesmerizing soundscape on display, the underlying sentiment is equally as compelling. Touching upon themes of the escapism found in the people, heartbreak, and lingering feelings of love, COIN whisk up a range of heart-tugging emotions that are impossible not to get swept up in. Frontman Chase Lawrence spoke further on the creative process behind the track, sharing,

"We began writing it in the middle of a drought - in California & in our creative process. For weeks, it seemed we were just spinning our wheels, waiting for the sun to come. Overlooking the mountains, I realized the sun is always up. The thing you've been patiently searching for may be right in front of you, just positioned behind your own clouded perception. We wish to control everything before we simply choose to notice anything. I'm still learning, but I don't want to waste my time trying to find something special, only to realize I was holding it all along."

On the forthcoming album, he added,

"From Nashville to Seoul to London to Los Angeles, we recorded everywhere but a studio. For the past two years, we made this album in green rooms, bedrooms, airplanes and buses. 'Dreamland' is a patchwork quilt of everywhere we've been - a sonic journal of orchestras, out of tune guitars, church choirs and iPhone voice memos."

Watch the lyric video for "Youuu" below: