Colby Lafayette Steps Into His Rockstar Persona on “BEST GUY”


Beginning as just an alter ego, the LA-based artist known professionally as Colby Lafayette now embodies the rockstar persona he once dreamed of. With a dark and grungy aesthetic, Lafayette has little regard for categorization and chooses to make music in his own unorthodox style. Taking influence from hip-hop and classic rock, Lafayette is paving his own lane. His SO BAD EP is a testament to this disregard. 

Now with SO BAD behind him, Lafayette is exploring new vices on his single "BEST GUY." The track is Lafayette's most lyrically focused with the song centering around the essence of a woman as well as a dejected self reflection. "BEST GUY" hones similar influences, but the production is slowed, moody, and ominous. Lafayette's vocal performance perfectly matches the emotive and subdued nature of the track, which effectively pulls the listener into the concept of the track.

Colby Lafayette continues to impress listeners and showcase his own versatility. "BEST GUY" is an incredible follow up to his previous work and a clear beginning towards something new that Lafayette is steadily building. 

Listen to "BEST GUY" by Colby Lafayette below: