Conan Gray Takes Flight in ‘Kid Krow’


Photo: Brian Ziff

Though Conan Gray started off singing and creating on his YouTube Channel, his music soon became a channel through which an entire generation could feel understood. Through his stunning rise an artist and his creation of infectious, anthemic tunes that make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs, Gray has garnered millions of fans, including many artists like Billie Eilish and Halsey. 

With the release of his debut album, Kid Krow, Gray maintains the charm and sonic style that made us fall in love with his music, while also unveiling new layers to his art, showing us a different side of him that only heightens our appreciation for his work.

The album title, Kid Krow, reflects the flight of a crow as a means of representing a sense of growth, which is evident in this new body of work. Gray has an incredible ability to create music that moves an audience, both physically and emotionally. The album includes elevating singles like, "Maniac," "Checkmate," and "Comfort Crowd," as well as new anthemic gems like "Little League" and "Fight or Flight."

Through Kid Krow, Gray is also sure to move people emotionally, evident by the vulnerability of a track like "The Story," a tender song about the uncertainty of the future. Gray's journey has not been simple. As he explains it, "I'm just a kid who has been through way too much. I had to figure out how to deal with it; writing was my answer. I want the music to be a conversation of youth." 

Gray does not shy away from that truth, as he leans into vulnerability with ballads like "Heather" and the interludes "(Online-Love)" and "(Can We Be Friends)." Produced with delicate simplicity, these songs draw further attention to Gray's songwriting and vocal prowess. "The Cut That Always Bleeds" is one such song that demands your attention. It begins with minimal production but continually teases as at a release until the last chorus, in which the space in the song opens up with full drums and warm background vocals, widening the sonic room as if the four walls in the studio suddenly faded into nothingness.

Kid Krow showcases Gray's versatility as an artist, songwriter, and performer. Gray consistently and unwaveringly strikes a chord with each release. In his striking debut album, Gray has officially taken flight, and he makes one thing clear. He is here to make his mark on the world of pop music.

Listen to Kid Krow below: