Continue To Celebrate Black Music with Top That Track & Lila Ike


All music is black music, period. With a long bout of overdue civil unrest worldwide, and the Black Lives Matter Movement growing stronger each week, we decided to pay tribute one of the best ways we know how on Top That Track. We're going to be celebrating music with and by black artists for an entire block of episodes. 

For Part 2, this week Jamaican born talent Lila Ike, joins the hosts as they spotlight Latin artists, explore the Jamaican music scene, and discuss what the music industry should learn from all of this. But who's song will Top That Track? Listen to find out who Lila picks!

In addition, there are several different ways to donate & support: To demand every cop involved be charged without bail in the murder of Breonna Taylor text "ENOUGH" To 55156. Johns Hopkins University is trying to put a Private police force throughout the city of Baltimore. The city is 62% black, students have created a letter campaign to call them to cancel their plans. You can send a pre-written letter using this link

Listen to "Celebrating Black Music Pt. 2" on Apple Podcasts or below: