Cuco Links Up With Jean Carter for a Love/Hate Bop in “Bossa No Sé”


Cuco does more than hold a unique place in the modern pop music landscape. The young Chicano artist has carved out a place for himself in pop that is as equally informed by the lovelorn tradition of classic Spanish ballads as it is a generation who has given away with genres. It is an impressive range Cuco instills in his latest bop "Bossa No Sé."

"Bossa No Sé" follows Cuco's "Hydrocone," a song that was very much tied to the emotional journey of recovering from a car accident the artist and his band experienced late last year, and in many ways, is a return to form. Featuring Jean Carter, who also makes up one-third of Los Angeles hip-hop and R&B group Your Grandparents, "Bossa No Sé" sees the newfound duo torn between love and hate. The volatile matter of the heart plays out against a backdrop of bossa nova - evocative instrumentation and idyllic production flourishes that leave you with a magical island vibe.

Yet, "Bossa No Sé" does not see Cuco in paradise. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as the lyrics hint at a storm brewing in the young Chicano's heart. "I'm pretty sure I hate you/ I'm pretty sure I love you," sings Cuco, whose ongoing turmoil builds the foundation for an all-too-relatable love/hate song. The brand new single, which is set to appear on Cuco's long-awaited debut album via Interscope Records, also arrives ahead of his forthcoming North American tour that will feature his one-of-a-kind music and support from UMI, Triathalon, Victor Internet, Niña, and Your Grandparents.  

Watch the lyric video for "Bossa No Sé" below: