Daniela Andrade Pays Homage to Her Honduran Heritage on New Single “Puddles”

Daniela Andrade creates music with substance. In her latest single "Puddles", the Honduran Canadian producer and artist has penned an empowering song touching on her family heritage and recalling fond memories of her youth. Giving listeners a glimpse into some of her most private moments, Andrade reminisces details about her childhood.

Mellow and enigmatic, "Puddles" emits an almost otherworldly feel. Minimalistic melodies, lo-fi beats and eerie synths accompany the singer's delicate vocals and in just one minute and 49 seconds, the simple song creates an impression. Less is definitely more in the case of Andrade, with the artist using her hypnotic soundscapes to captivate the listener.

Andrade has come a long way since her rise to fame with her viral YouTube covers. Now she is racking up a similar level of attention for her own music, pricking the ears of people across the globe. "Puddles" is the first song to be released off of her upcoming quarantine EP, Nothing much has changed, I don’t feel the same.