Daniela Andrade’s “Gallo Pinto” Holds a Message for the Dreamers


Oftentimes we forget that there exist realities outside of our own. Depending on our circumstances and the certain privileges we have (privileges we may not even realize we have), focusing on our own trials and troubles can be relatively instinctive. Daniela Andrade offers a perspective on a reality that is close to home for her and many other second-generation children of parents who have emigrated.

The Honduran-Canadian artist returns with "Gallo Pinto,“ a new single from her forthcoming EP Tamale, which is set to release October 25. And just like her previous stirring release, ”Ayayayi,“ the song is enamoured with tributes to her Honduran roots. 

The rhythmic strums of the electric guitar set a tone that induces both nostalgia and comfort, as Andrade’s magnetizing voice paints the narrative of the strife her mother and father faced upon migrating to Montreal from Honduras in 1987 and having to leave her three older siblings behind in order to provide. "Gallo Pinto” serves as not only a method of storytelling but as a way to bring a different viewpoint to conversations surrounding the life and reality that the individuals in other countries are forced to live. Andrade, having been the only child to have been born in Canada, spoke on "Gallo Pinto,“ sharing,

"My view of the world was split between two [Honduras and Canada] from an early age and my family story instilled deep-seated values in me. This song captures some of those emotions for me, as I speak to different versions of myself and open up to my audience about where my family and I come from. The video depicts my parents after immigrating. I wanted to bring a sense of honesty and humanness to what my family and other immigrants are striving for; hope and a better future.”

“Gallo Pinto” is truly an enthralling reminder to the world of the actual people, voices, and realities that exist behind the trending political topics and buzz words that are thrown around online. It is a reminder to all of the dreamers out there that "You are not defined by all the things that you don’t have." As one of the first songs Andrade wrote intentionally incorporating her culture, we are certainly ready to hear all that Tamale has in store when it arrives October 25.

Watch the video for “Gallo Pinto” below: