From YouTube Covers to Covering the Globe: Daniela Andrade Releases "Ayayai" [PREMIERE]


From YouTube cover artist to international sensation, Honduran-Canadian artist Daniela Andrade has illuminated her path to stardom with her delicate, mesmerizing voice and unbelievable creativity. The Toronto-based musical virtuoso truly transcends all expectations and schemas of rising YouTube idols, and her music is surely no exception.

Andrade is set to release her new Tamale EP on Oct. 25 but will be gracing her almost 2 million subscribers with an early release titled “Ayayai” on Sept 18. The adagio jazz-like track blends perfectly with her tranquil voice, making for a silky, sensual elocution of the Spanish-written lyrics. 

“Ayayai” is a Spanish phrase typically used to communicate some type of anger or exasperation; however, Andrade did what she does best and took this previously instilled phrase and flawlessly recreated its meaning, stating,

"This expression has always been difficult to translate for me as it can be used in different senses. For this song, I wanted to portray that feeling of when you look at someone across a room and play out how things may go down."

The 27-year-old singer explores her Honduran heritage with this upcoming song, utilizing not only the language her first-generation immigrant parents passed down but also by incorporating aspects of her culture to pull inspiration for the development of her sound. 

Andrade has propelled herself in a direction that has far surpassed her DIY YouTube covers, gaining herself collaborations with like-minded creatives such as Ryan Hemsworth, S. Carey of Bon Iver, and Swim Good. Despite her success, Andrade maintains the level of DIY-originality that she began her journey with, now transcending into the maturation of herself as an artist, producer, writer, performer, and creative director.

Stream “Ayayai” now and be on the lookout for her full EP release on Oct. 25.