Danny Dwyer’s “Swordfish” Video Is An Authentic Look At His Life [PREMIERE]


A throughline in Danny Dwyer’s music is authentic relatability. It’s easy to put on any one of his songs and get lost reminiscing on a time you went through something similar. His production is conducive to daydreaming. One way to describe it would be “the soundtrack to every guy-meets-girl flashback from every good tv show ever.”  The Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist is back with the exclusive premiere of the video for his latest single “Swordfish.” The song and video feel like a sunny summer afternoon in California; Light and vibey with a little bit of realness.

The video is directed by Nik. Speaking on the music video, Danny said:

“So with the video we wanted to represent the feeling of the song visually. The song and video both serve as an identity piece, the song showing where I’m at in my music and the video showing where I’m at in my life. The video is like a pastiche of me - stealing little moments from every area of my life and collaging them together. We limited ourselves and used only 3 rolls of film, translating to 9 minutes of record time. This limitation helped us ensure that we captured the most authentic version of me. The video is personal, but also exciting and fun; it looks the way the song sounds.”

As we wait for an official project to be released from Danny, we hope to keep getting a stream of high-quality singles to vibe to. Watch the exclusive premiere of Danny Dwyer’s “Swordfish” below.